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Let's Give away some $$$

Okay guys Who wants $100.00? It just so happens that we have a $100.00 Gift Certificate here and we want you to have it!
So here's the details: From now until July 31st, everyone who share's our Facebook page, Follows us on Instagram, and/or adds us on Snapchat will be entered into a drawing. On August 1st, we will draw a name from all those entries and notify the winner via the medium in which they entered. That winner will get a $100.00 gift certificate for our lovely store. 
Additional details: Entries are limited to one entry per Social Media Site. All shares,adds, and follows must be submitted by July 31st 12:00 PM. Winner must be able to collect prize in person and verify account at time of collection. Prize must be collected or arrangement made for collection within 48 hours of notification of winning. Winner will be notified via social media site from which winning  submission was placed. Lack of response within 48 hours of notification will constitute forfeiture of winnings. at which point a new winner will be selected. 




As you may have noticed there is a great deal of construction happening here at our lovely Flea By The Sea! 


We'll Get to that, but first we'd like to say: Yes, We are still very much open. 

our business hours are the same, and for us here we work each day as if nothing at all has changed. In fact, we continue to bring in great new things to see, Enthusiastic new vendors offering great finds at even greater prices, and of course all the familiar faces you've seen if you've come in before or can see in the "Meet Us" Section.

Almost Done!

Now for the Details. The State of Washington has decided that the Light here at Sharps Corner must go, and have decided that in it's place a roundabout should replace it. in order to bring this roundabout to existence, the state has invoked Eminent Domain to acquire the land it has deemed necessary for this roundabout. Unfortunately, some of that land includes a large portion of our parking lot (Home to our legendary Dollar Sales) and driveways. We had hoped this construction would not effect us, but the unfortunate truth is that it truly has. While many of you our regulars whom we always enjoy seeing, have come to us asking:

"What is going on?"

We have seen very few new faces, and sadly all the new faces we have seen have said the exact same thing,

" We couldn't tell if you were open with all the signs down and construction equipment outside."

So, Now that the Roundabout is almost complete, we are very happy to report that we have survived thus far. I would like to say everything is back to normal but unfortunately it is not, truth is, even though the roundabout is pretty much complete we are still a long way from normal. we are working really hard to keep things moving forward and will certainly keep you updated as thing progress.

Most importantly, all of our Family here just want to Say:

Thank You for your patronage!

Our beautiful indoor flea market offers 10,000 square feet of thrifty new and gently used items. as well as antiques and much much more!

Things to see by the sea!

Most people say they cannot tell if we are a thrift store of a Museum, and we agree! with a vast selection of antiques that highlight the San Juan Islands illustrious past. There's always something fantastic to see and best of all, it's all for sale!

The Answers

let's cover some basic questions
Where Did you get that?

From you!!!

 Well maybe not you specifically, but folks like you. See, we have multiple vendors with various methods of collecting and acquiring the goods they sell here. As for the vast majority, it's purchased from estate sales from all around the northwest Washington area. Which means, if you have an estate you would like to part with or just a few items. Come in and see us, we'd love to make you an offer.

 Would you like to sell it yourself at your own pace but don't want to stand around watching your stuff all day long. We can do that too! Or, if you would like to make a career out of it, keep reading then come ask us about setting up your very own vendor space in our market.

This one's on sale, that one's not?

 It can be a bit tricky believe us, we know! so inside our 10,000 square foot building is not just one owner, there's actually lots of owners. Lots of regular folks like yourself seem to have a "knack for knick knacks" but no place to sell them, who wants to set up and take down a yard sale or flea market table every single weekend, and paying rent and utilities for a whole building just for their little collection?!

 That's why they come here. Each vendor gets to decide, what they sell, how much they sell it for, and also, when they want to offer discounts. So, sometimes, two items you might find, both the same, each priced differently. that's why it's so important to check all over, you might find it cheaper, right around the corner!

Do you buy stuff too?

 YES WE DO! We love buying stuff too, that's how we got into this to begin with! Whether it's just a few items or a whole Estate, give us a call or come in and see us.



(360) 899-4185


7656 State Route 20

Anacortes, WA 98221



10 AM - 6 PM


10 AM - 5 PM


upstairs you will find, tucked away in a corner affectionately called "the Record Room" an assortment of electronics from many other times, from Phonograph's, and reel-to-reel recorders, to this Type 21A Wire Chiefs Test unit, the original phone lineman's "compact" mobile testing station.

Throughout our 10,000 square feet you will find around every corner some piece of the San Juan's beautiful history like this Beautiful Ships wheel.


At a flea market I always head for the jewelry table first.

-Ethel Merman Image result for ethel merman

History is for you to keep!

Collectibles in every corner

Something for everyone!

Whether you have collected it all your life, or are looking to start collecting, we have a great many things to see and collect. 

Stories Untold

If every item could speak!

Quite a great many stories we would have here, come in and join us in imagining what they might be!

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