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Big Chief Ron

The Patriarch of the Davis Family. What you see here is only a small piece of his overall vision/legacy to one day have a family of companies owned and operated by each of his children. No small feat by any means, but many would say he makes it look easy. Besides the Market here, he also has several other companies of which he is in charge. though there are almost too many to name, you will find links to most of them in the "Other Sites to See" section, coming soon below.

The Muscle Dustin

If Chelsie is Big Chief Ron's left hand here in the market, then Dustin is surely his right! As big chief Ron's nephew he carries the strong davis work ethic (and pretty much everything else heavy around here) it is not at all uncommon to see Dustin zig-zagging the entire property running from one project to the next. but don't let his tough guy exterior fool you, Dustin is as nice as can be, and also hides an impeccable culinary palette with the education to match. So if you swing by and see our unique seafood recipes, they were contributed by him... Surprise!

Little Miss Baylie

Oldest of the next generation of Davis' and Chelsie's Daughter. Even though Baylie is only 15 and her first priority is school, she definitely loves letting her Davis work ethic show by using most of her extra time outside of school to lend a helping hand learning all the in's & Out's of the family business'

Thrift Queen Chelsie

The Second of Big Chief Ron's Children and a huge fan of Thrift/Antique store shopping for over 30 years. Chelsie is undoubtedly Big Chief Ron's left hand here in the Market, When Ron's not around you'll find Chelsie handling those day-to-day tasks just like Ron himself would do it. Chelsie see's Anacortes Flea Market as her very own "Disneyland". That combined with Chelsie's warm, friendly personality means you will almost always find her here and will most definitely see her smiling!

Da #'s Guy Ben

He earned his honorary membership into the Davis family by being Mr. Chelsie! Even though the majority of his time is spent running his own consulting business, you'll also find him around the market playing as stand in for Dustin, or crunching the numbers for one of the many Davis Family Companies or maintaining their websites like this one!

<-Hey that's me!

Chief of Security Sarge

The hardest worker in the business. Sarge can be found wondering the market most each and every day. A favorite among the regulars, Sarge loves his job though he loves the fame that comes with it even more! So when you drop in, be sure to take a moment to say hi to him!

Flea MarketFamily

Updates: Retired but not forgotten

Okay guys it took a while for us to post it, but here it is, two of our family here, Diane and Albert, have officially retired and are no longer vending with us. But in the words of David Ogden Stiers "Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten." While Diane and Albert are gone they are not forgotten and we look forward to each and every visit from them!!!

Antique-Wiki Diane

Though she is not officially a "Davis" Diane earned an honorary place with the Davis family early on due to her invaluable and seemingly unending knowledge of Antiques. Besides Diane's charming personality, she also brings to the Market an intimate knowledge of the antique world. As our foremost authority on product pricing, there are very few items in the market that have not first passed through Diane's hands for inspection and pricing. So if you buy anything here that you feel you got for an amazing deal, be sure to thank Diane.

Albee Albert

If quick wit and clever come back's were a gun, Albert would be the fastest gun here in the market! Besides being the Market's largest vendor with one whole segment of the store dedicated to his collections. Albert also bolsters some of the best conversation around. Though he man's the register for his section of the market, often alone, it's rare to catch him doing so without someone sitting into enjoy his fun conversations! And what's more, as you wonder around his section, notice the interesting artwork. some of it is actually created by him because he's also an artist... Surprise!

My greatest success story has been my family.

-Alex Spanos, Los Angeles Chargers

Other Sites to See!

Here are some links to our affiliate websites and some really great sites we wanted to share!
Miss Windsor’s Delectables

"Miss Windsor’s Delectables is a light-hearted new YouTube series about traditional British cooking, historical recipes and vintage cookware."

Miss Windsor was kind enough to pay us a visit here at the Market and even wrote a most flattering blog about it on her website.

Needless to say we have been huge fans ever since and even though we haven't seen any new YouTube videos recently (*Sad Faces) we do still love keeping up with her travels on her blog (Afternoon tea is our favorite so far.) click on the pic above to go to her blog. Or to see her blog specifically about us, click Here.

Jessica Wick

"A writer and travel enthusiast who loves exploring new places. "

Ms. Wick was kind enough to rank us in the top 10 for Washington's most amazing flea markets. Check it out Here.


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