Things to See!



A grand assortment of Jewelry to suit almost every taste, from fine quality pieces, to light and fun costume jewelry


A collection of Semi-precious stones. Both loose and set in jewelry. 

Trading Cards

from one end to another, from single cards to complete sets, sports, television, comic and more!


a grand assortment of "graphic novels", not only the big names, but a few cult classics too.

New Things Too



New clothes, brought to us from local clothing companies and more! 


Overstocked shoes brought in most sizes available in limited quantities though.



Not only do we have gently used childhood favorites, but some new collectable toys as well!

More Things to See!

Okay enough about the Inside. Lets talk about the outside of the Market!

Besides having all these amazing things inside, we also have several things outside that you may find useful, Check it out!


We have Seafood. From Live dungeness crab, fresh shrimp and more to come.


Ron's produce has been a summer time favorite for all of Anacortes. And we are very proud to say it is still here.


That's right, Firewood! cut and ready for camping, sorry no small wrapped bundles.

Featured Things to See!

Ron's produce 

Finally! Ron's produce is about to re-open. Due to round about construction that fresh produce you have come to love was not able to open at our usual time. but with construction finally completed produce will be opening in July. S be sure to come out to get your fresh produce.  

A few pics of some of more neat stuff to see back inside.

Always changing, with new stuff brought in almost daily and big surprises waiting around every corner. you never know what you are gonna see so...

Come in and check back often!

Who doesn't want a Barrel-o-honey!

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