Come Join Our Team!!!

So you've read about us and maybe you noticed...

Some of our Flea Market Family have retired. That has left us with a need for some extra help around here. 

Vendor's Wanted!

We Currently Have Space available for New Vendors. As you may or may not have heard, We here at the Anacortes Flea Market are a 10,000 Square foot Indoor Flea Market, While the vast majority of the Antiques and Thrifts in the Store belong to us. We do "Rent" out available space to other individuals we call our "Vendors".

Each "Vendor" takes a section of the store based on the Square footage they deem necessary to hold their Items. Each Vendor is responsible for the setup, presentation, organization and decoration of their given space, as well as the pricing of their own products. 

Vendors simply pay rent for the section of space they take and a small percentage of their sales, which is used to pay our awesome staff to maintain the building and keep the customers smiling.

How it Works: 


Vendor's Pay $1.50 /SqFt for the section of the building they rent.

A one time deposit matching that monthly rent will be required for all new vendor's as well.

Vendor's will also pay 15% fee upon the sale of each item in there space. (Example: Vendor sells an item for $1 , $0.15 of that dollar is kept by the AFM to help pay for the cleaning, etc.)

That's it, an easy and inexpensive way for you to take your first steps into the financial freedom of owning your own business, or to just get rid of some extra goodies you got laying around.

Of course if you got goodies just laying around and you just want them gone ASAP, then you may want to call us for a free estimate on our "Stuff Removal" service, get your garage cleaned and maybe make a little $$$ in the process!!!  (360) 899-4185

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